Fits 2005-2015 DRIVER Bottom LEATHER Seat Cover For Nissan Titan BLACK

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Placement on Vehicle: 

Driver Bottom

(Available for Passenger side) 

Surface Finish:


Brand & Model: 

Nissan, Titan

Years Fitted:


Seat Cover Replacement: 

OEM Replacement


Fits Heated and Non-heated Seats. (Heated and Powered seats will not be affected with the change to a new cover because the wiring for the heating element is connected to the cushion, not the actual seat.)

Seat Covers Attached Padding: 

½ inch foam padding will be attached to the seat covers


This is a replacement OEM leather seat cover that comes with half an inch foam padding to cover any damaged areas and plastic tabs for installation. For installation please go on YouTube and search the year and model of the vehicle and add a leather replacement seat cover and you will find a couple of videos on how to install it.

Additional Information:

All our products are made of the finest material and manufactured and assembled in Houston and shipped worldwide.

we use %100 leather for our seat covers and we get our leather from KeySton Bros in Houston, Texas These materials are U.S.-made and have a high quality compared to other companies. 

Due to the regular wear and tear of the seat cushion as well as the placement of the power seat buttons we do not manufacture our seats with the inserts already cuts.